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Empowering The Child

Empowering The Child
Encourage, Strengthen And Nourish Your Child With These Powerful Concepts

Table Of Contents

Foreword Chapter 1:
The Basics On Nurturing Your Child

Chapter 2:
Build Your Childs Self Esteem

Chapter 3:
Catch The Good And Not Always The Bad

Chapter 4:
Demonstrate The Love Is Unconditional

Chapter 5:
Make Rules And Be Consistent

Chapter 6:
Make Special Time For Your Child

Chapter 7:
Always Set An Example

Chapter 8:
Don’t Dominate A Conversation

Chapter 9:
Learn To Be A Good Communicator

Chapter 10:
An Unnourished Child has A Long Road Ahead

Wrapping Up 

It is quite simple to be able to provide for the basic necessities of a child such as food, clothing, shelter and others. However when it comes to providing the nurturing element in a child’s life a little more thought and energy needs to be exercised. There are some general guide lines that can and should be followed to ensure the emotional health development of a child.

Empowering The Child
Encourage, Strengthen And Nourish Your Child With These Powerful Concepts 

Being aware of the capabilities of each stage in a child’s growing life is important. This is to ensure that no unnecessary expectations or demands are made on the child.

The Basics
Allowing and encouraging a child to express his or her feeling freely is one way of teaching a child how to cope with difficulties. The teachings and guidance extended should be done in a positive manner to ensure the element of violence is not part of the expression process.

Making an effort to respect the child and the expressed feelings of the child is paramount in building a strong relationship where the child feels confident in broaching any problem or situation.

Establishing an open communication style is beneficial to both parties. This style allows the child to be confident in the listening capacity of the parent without being judgmental or unduly harsh.

Encouraging the child to be open and adventurous will help the child to build their own individual confidence and personal disciple levels. They will then be able to have the independence and self worth that comes from being able to cope when exposed to different things.

Above all a child must be confident in a parent’s love and acceptance. With all the other negative elements in the world today, being able to count on a parent’s unconditional love is very important. If this element is present in the relationship most children can cope better in life. 

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